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Knoel Scott, saxophonist and vocalist of the legendary Sun Ra Arkestra for nearly four decades, has embarked on an exciting new project - the Knoel Scott Quartet - in which he serves a bold brew of styles ranging from Swing to Afro-Cuban, Modern Jazz, R&B, Funk, Blues and Bebop, whilst never losing touch with his Harlem roots - demonstrating how different jazz traditions are part of a coherent story.

Knoel's deep knowledge of jazz traditions, and experience playing with many of the greatest visionaries of African-American musical history, has contributed to the formation of a captivating and unmistakable musical voice.


Knoel has been accompanied by some of London's finest young jazz talents: on piano, Charlie Stacey (semi-finalist in the Montreux Jazz Piano Competition 2012); double bassist Michele Montolli, who studied under the the great Wayne Darling; and award-winning drummer Shane Forbes.


<<A recent highlight of London jazz gigs>> ─ Kevin LeGendre, Jazzwise 

<<It’s like Scott has so much to say, so much to tell you>> ─ Steve Giachardi, Blew notes 

<<Scott’s hard, flinty alto slightly leaning to Jackie McLean, and the more languorous approach to the tenor, show how well-rooted he is in the founding fathers>> ─ Kevin LeGendre, Jazzwise

<<Well, here was a tenor man in the truest sense of the word. A player full of lyrical, gentle, playful lines that were dipped in the blues and delivered with a velvety soft touch [...] Scott sang the verse and chorus in his smokey, aged, rich and fragile, mahogany-flavoured voice. He reached and etched feeling into this song>> ─ Steve Giachardi, Blew notes

<<See them whilst they are still a well-kept secret!>> ─ Simon Cooney, Kind of Jazz 

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